You are a footballer: player, parent of a player, family member, coach, agent or club. You need companionship, advice, support, expansion of your network or a team of experienced professionals that you can rely on. Sportback will meet your expectations and help you achieve your goals.

Our quality work will ensure perfect support for your interests.


You are young and talented. You and your family would like to have assurances, a better understanding of the world of football and the ability to identify the key steps that are required to reach your milestones and achieve your dream of one day being a professional. Sportback is at your disposal.


You are a professional and you do not have - or no longer have – an agent or intermediary by your side and you wish to devote yourself 100% to playing by entrusting the management of your career to a known and recognized professional organisation. Sportback would like to meet you to discuss your options.


You are a professional trainer and would like to discover new championships or apply to train a national team. Why not embrace Sportback? This is both a time saver and a guarantee of success as several experienced coaches can testify.


You are a professional club and you have no contact or scouting structure in the countries where Sportback operates, especially in Africa. You have a specific job search or you want to entrust the transfer of one of your players to targeted countries: Sportback is your ideal partner! Do not hesitate to call us to discuss your needs and discover how we can best collaborate!

When launching or organising an academy or a training center, you need the best people by your side when it comes to discovering and recruiting your key players. Sportback has already successfully completed several such missions in a wide range of countries.


You are an intermediate player and you have talent! You would love to open up your network and its potential. A player accompanied by Sportback could attract the interest one of your "friends clubs". Sportback is always open to constructive partnerships, as long as it is in the interests of the player's career and promotes respect for all.



Choosing Sportback means placing your trust in a team of experienced professionals who will always put your interests at the center of their concerns. In this pseudo jungle where everyone works his corner and too often thinks of his personal interests, Sportback's teams strive every day to stand out in accompanying you on the road to success, enabling you to achieve all your goals.

Working with Sportback means benefiting from a recognized international network of professional clubs and competent intermediaries, daily legal support through specialized legal professionals who are partners of Sportback and active listening to each of your specific professional – and personal – needs.




CEO Sportback Group

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Nicolas Onissé is a former licensed agent for FIFA . He is now an intermediary registered with the Federations of England, Belgium, China etc. He has been associated with many players for several years. Nico is also a graduate of the University of Dijon in both coaching and psychological preparation.


Director, Maghreb and The Middle East

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Youcef Boudjemai has 10 years of experience and has overseen multiple international transfers. He is the Sportback representative Congo Brazzaville and Uganda. A man who shuns the limelight, he is professionally demanding with the players, but warm and always very close and protective of his charges. Youcef is perceived by several players as a big brother and indispensable to their success.


DG Sportback Belgium & Benelux Manager

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Noureddine Zaiour, is a former professional coach, academy director and sports director. His vast experience and insight singles Noureddine out as a master of all the facets and subtleties of professional football. The quality of his work is matched only by his unfailing involvement in the lives of the players who have his confidence.


Technical Director & Chief Scout

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Marc Van Osselaer is a passionate tactician and loveer of fine football. He has 15 years of accumulated experience as a scout leader in a club. He also taught scouting at the Belgian Football Federation coach school for 6 years. His opinion is essential for the validation of any profile and it is vital in the analysis of matches of the players under contract with Sportback. Marc personally cuts and prepares all the analytical videos.


France Representative

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Maxime Belouet is a former professional player. He evolved his playing career in France, Singapore, India, Switzerland and Bangladesh. Now in his thirties he is still involved and motivated. He was still playing until very recently and is very familiar with the demands of football in today’s world. Maxime has played in many "exotic countries" and he knows what it is to be an expatriate player. His personal experience is an invaluable asset when it comes to representing and counselling young players.


Director Senegal

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Pape Amadou Dieng is a talented scout with several international Senegalese players to his credit. He is known and recognized for his keen eye and his talents as a recruiter but it is his human qualities that make him such a respected player in Senegalese football.


Director, Cameroon

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Hervé Cyrille Faisal Ondobo is a real African football specialist, he worked for more than 5 years in Dubai as a recruitment manager before returning to Cameroon and investing in Sportback Group Ltd. Cyrille is a hard worker, both in his scouting and his representation. Cyrille is a true man of duty and always true to any mission.




When we validate our collaborative project, you can be certain that your career will be managed with the utmost seriousness. We always prefer not to sign a file if we do not feel that we can actively work with it – at Sportback, we do not sign players then file them! The men who make up Sportback have a solid reputation as committed and serious craftsmen of their trade.


Your career becomes the focus of our concern and all our efforts will be directed towards your interests. Honesty encapsulates both positive and negative aspects of our analysis – it does not make promises that can not be kept. There is a big difference between promising a transfer and promising to work hard to get you transferred into the best place for your career.


Just as the importance of the team in football relies on players of many different skills, Sportback also consists of a team of men with varied and different training, life paths and experience. It is that, like the cup winning team, that make our collective strength. It is our skills that enable us to combine the experience of more than 100 signed international transfers.


The key word: work, is the one word that you will hear the most if we work together. You will have to work hard and strive to meet your goals on a daily basis. Together we will define the framework of our collaboration, according to your expectations and the short, medium and long term objectives that you wish to achieve. Our input is our best way to thank you and return to youu the confidence that you place in us.


We always prefer the term "Companionship", whether it be the player, a coach in his career or a club in its research. In addition to sporting management, Sportback is surrounded by professionals, specialists ready to help you in all of their professional fields (legal, sponsoring, medical, insurance, psychological preparation) or personal (taxation, investments, preparation for the future after a successful career.)


The agent-player relationship is an extremely close one. Confidence, confidentiality and mutuality. By signing up with Sportback, you will never be alone again. There is always a Sportback employee available for you when you most need it. All your matches are watched live or in video replay so that we can always best advise you in an objective and personally tailored way.


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